Most of my day is spent thinking about women+ and how QW+ can help them/you/us overcome the barriers we face. I have these conversations a lot:

“How do I get that scientist to believe she is actually a valid expert and start accepting media interviews?”

“What can QW+ do to help women+ speak up more in meetings, at conferences and seminars. And not let our co-workers get away with mansplaining our core ideas?” 

(The list goes on)

Then it hit me: why am I reinforcing some kind of saviour complex where one person can solve these problems—I can’t. BUT, together, women+ have shown time and time again that we have the combined wisdom, experience and expertise to flatten all of these hurdles.

That’s why I want to start a community of like-minded women+ with the goals of: Building confidence. Breaking barriers. Moving women+ up.

Imagine if the next time that toxic mesh of burnout and feeling inadequate at work has you drafting your resignation letter, you have a mental toolbox that you can lean on and an online community that you can talk to, that knows exactly how your shoes fit, and how to take the next career-enhancing step forward.

Imagine if the next time you’re called into the spotlight, whether it’s to give a media interview or give a presentation on zoom, the knot of dread in your stomach is soothed by a sense of empowerment because you’ve had training specifically tailored to your unique needs.

Right now, this community is an idea. We’ve called it: Quote Me On That.

Watch this space for updates!

Much love,