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Are you:

    • A feminist, a freelancer, and a first-class online event planner?
    • A digital marketing maven with the skills and enthusiasm to drive audience engagement?
    • Close to obsessed with making things run smoothly: with dotting i’s and crossing t’s?

Then this Request For Quote is for you!


We need to bring on board the support of a freelancer who shares our commitment to creating outstanding monthly (and occasionally bimonthly) events in the women’s rights space. They will need to plan, execute and provide feedback on monthly (and occasionally bi-monthly) events. They will be working closely with the rest of the QW+ team to discuss the content of events, and will need to attend 2-3 online meetings with the team per event, between which they will be working quite independently on organising events. There is an existing framework for running events which could be used and changed if needs be. QW+ is looking for somebody with feminist values, who appreciates the importance of amplifying the voices of marginalised communities. 

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Using the existing QW+ events calendar, ensure event dates are known to the team and schedule planning meetings
  • Create pre- and post-event questionnaires (based on existing questionnaire prototypes)
  • Invite people to events, using email/Mailchimp and potentially WhatsApp (from existing invitee databases)
  • Create a digital marketing campaign for events, drive engagement on social media, track return on investment for advertising spend if any, track success of platforms for bringing in participants and advise on future platform use
  • Keep track of registrants and ensure they are reminded about events upon registering, the day before the event, and one hour before the event via email or WhatsApp (whichever reminder platform they choose in the pre-event questionnaire or at registration)
  • Organise giveaways and lobby sponsors for events
  • Create opening slides to display at the beginning of events
  • Live-Tweet throughout events
  • Ensure participants fill in post-webinar questionnaires before logging out of event
  • Share feedback after events
  • Write summaries of events for the QW+ blog
  • Provide editing services to ensure recordings of the events are cut/stitched to look professional, and distribute them to the relevant people
  • Provide suggestions for marketing recordings of events
  • Keep up to date with best practice for running online event

Send your Expression Of interest to kath@quotethiswoman.org.za, with “Events and Webinar Support” in the subject header by Sun, 20 March 2022.

Your RFQ:

QW+ has a total consulting budget of R5000 per event. This is inclusive of:

  • social media advertising to encourage participation
  • participant prizes/giveaways
  • content creation, video editing
  • time spent per event

We are looking to appoint a freelance consultant who will run up between six and ten events for us throughout 2022. Please send an expression of interest that includes:

  • Your bio/CV, covering your skills and experience related to this RFQ
  • How you will go about ensuring that QW+ events are well attended
  • Your budget breakdown per event

When evaluating your RFQ, we will be checking:

  • What sets you apart as a digital marketer?
  • Are you extremely proficient in English?
  • Do you demonstrate excellent interpersonal and communication skills?
  • Is your writing a joy to read?
  • Have you demonstrated proficiency in all the relevant technologies (e.g. Zoom, Mailchimp, Google forms, Canva)?
  • Will you be able to work both independently and with the QW+ team?
  • Are you super-organised?
  • Can you ably edit our webinar recordings? 

If you’d like more information to help you with your expression of interest, contact Jordan Magrobi on jordan@quotethiswoman.org.za

About Quote This Woman+

Quote This Woman+ (QW+) is a gender and media non-profit company with a head-office in Hilton, KZN but a footprint throughout South Africa. We work to amplify the voices of women, and otherwise marginalised voices, in mainstream news. We do this by curating a database of woman+ experts that journalists and news producers can access when looking for people to interview and quote. We also lobby the media to close the gender gaps in their news sources; and to monitor the biases that reflect in their reporting.

Currently the QW+ platform counts close to 600 members across nearly 50 fields, including science, public health, economic policy, politics, education reform, environmental justice and more. We provide training and support so experts can confidently participate in media interviews and build their public profiles. 

QW+ works with South African and international journalists to ensure they get daily access to these diverse expert sources, and gives them a fortnightly briefing on opportunities to tackle the news of the day through a gender lens.  Our experts are interviewed in the media daily, quoted in independent and mainstream online and print media, on radio and TV, in documentaries, and on podcasts. Our journalist reach extends throughout South, southern, and central Africa, as well as globally.

As a part of its expert support and media training; and its media lobbying and advocacy work;  QW+ talks to either experts, student journalists/ journalists or like-minded feminists every month through webinars or events. Our aim for 2022 is to increase the size of our audiences at our webinars and to use these events to support our theory of change.