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Do you:

  • Wish to put your hand up to support women’s rights?

  • Have feminist, governance, tech, digital, finance, or media skills to share?

Then this is the volunteer position for you!

Quote This Woman+ (QW+) a South African gender & media non-profit working that is growing into Africa, is looking for new volunteer board members.

We work to amplify the voices of women, and otherwise marginalised voices, in mainstream news. We do this by curating a database of woman+ experts that journalists and news producers can access when looking for people to interview and quote. We also lobby the media to close the gender gaps in their news sources; and to monitor the biases that show in their reporting.

We are a small and agile team, working with a strong set of values towards the fulfilment of an ambitious strategy.

Quote This Woman+ has 6 volunteer non-executive directors and 1 executive director.


We’ll value your experience and knowledge in one or some of the following areas:

  • Governance
  • Funding and new business development
  • Digital communication, mass engagement; positioning and branding
  • Networking with women+ academics, politicians, donors, business  leaders, NGOs, women’s networks, feminist networks, and community activists in South Africa /rest of Africa
  • Experience in media, journalism, data journalism, or civic tech
  • Financial and risk management, 
  • Programme monitoring and evaluation 
  • IT

And we can’t wait to engage you around your knowledge of gender and the challenge of intersectionality, especially in an African context.

Board members are expected to attend 3-4 meetings each year via Zoom, and also to participate in the life of the organisation between board meetings, e.g. advising the management team and acting in an ambassadorial role for QW+.

We strongly encourage Black African Woman+ to apply, including candidates who meet the requirements who are living with disability, LGBTI+, and living in rural areas.  

If this is you, and QW+ matches your interest, then please submit a 1-page CV and a covering letter to Kath Magrobi, kath@quotethiswoman.org.za. We’re waiting to hear from you! Applications close 30 September 2022.

We’re waiting to hear from you!

About Quote This Woman+

Quote This Woman+ challenges gender bias and lack of diversity in mainstream media narratives. 

In South Africa, only one in five experts quoted in the media is a woman. In certain contexts women are rendered close to invisible in the news: women living with disabilities, elderly, poor, and rural women; women from cultural or religious minorities, and those with different sexual or gender identities. 

QW+ disrupts this by curating a growing community of women+ experts, to form a database of analysts for newsrooms seeking to diversify their sources and coverage. As the “+” in our name indicates, QW+ experts are not only women, but include other voices who are marginalised due to gender, sexuality, race, class, geography, disability, and other factors.

QW+ was launched in the lead-up to South Africa’s 2019 elections. In Covid-19, we grew operations significantly to meet the need for women+ voices in coverage of the pandemic and its social impact. 

As of September 2022, the QW+ database includes over 650 members across nearly 50 fields, including science, public health, economic policy, politics, education reform, environmental justice and more. We provide training and support so experts can confidently participate in media interviews and build their public profiles. 

QW+ works with South African and international journalists to ensure they get daily access to these diverse expert sources, and gives them a fortnightly briefing on opportunities to tackle the news of the day through a gender lens.  Our experts are interviewed in the media daily, quoted in independent and mainstream online and print media, on radio and TV, and in documentaries, and on podcasts. Our journalist reach extends throughout South Africa, Africa, and the rest of the world.