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This is how we speak: Art

This is how we speak: Art

Christina Schild looks at a moving and upsetting – but ultimately inspiring – series of artworks by Capetonian Emma Leslie. (Warning: images are disturbing)

1/3 Roe v Wade has shocked us all, and as an intersectional feminist organisation we are deeply saddened by this backwards move in the US.
#RoeVWade #AbortionBan #AbortionRightsAreHumanRights

People on #linkedin, we need your help: Please help Quote This Woman+decide how to share the #behindthescenes stories of our database experts: should we write long-form articles, create short docu-videos, or join the podcasting revolution? https://lnkd.in/dVrYYCxK

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Monkey pox has arrived in SA. Journos & members of the media, Quote This Woman+ has been working on a list of experts who can speak on monkey pox, so that when you're covering the issue, you can also be closing the gender gap. DM us for our expert list.

Att: #women and #lgbtqcommunity + healthcare experts. You did the critical work of de-stigmatizing #hivaids, now we need your help to do the same for #monkeypox. Inbox me to be a voice on the Quote This Woman+ database, gay experts to the front, please.

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