Connecting journalists to diverse sources

We curate a database of sources that don’t usually make the news (including people who aren’t women) for the media to access more diverse and nuanced commentary.

Joining the database

Women+ voices: join our database

Do you see perspectives like yours in the news? If not, you probably belong on our database of activists, experts, and thought leaders. We are inclusive of anyone whose voice is overlooked, not only women. That’s why the + is in our name.

To join, complete a bio with your areas of expertise, (optional) photo and contact details. Once vetted, journalists can see your profile for future news stories.

Using the database

Access our database of women+ experts

We contribute to the gender transformation of the media landscape by promoting women+ voices across Africa.

Our database of women+ experts and community voices gives journalists access to diverse sources for interviews so that together we can correct the gender imbalance in the media. Quote This Woman+’s broad range of people you can quote makes stories stand out. Media profiles are processed as quickly as we can (1-2 days) – we understand deadlines.

Media and communication training through a psycho-social feminist lens

Icon Why a gender lens?

To tell your story and own your voice as a woman or marginalised person, you need self-belief. Through inner work, we empower participants to feel comfortable with confronting traditional power dynamics. All our programmes start from that perspective. 

Icon Training: all skill levels

We’re proud of our diverse database. For the different skill levels in navigating the media landscape (including social media), we offer comprehensive media training. We also train corporates and boards in gender diversity and inclusion, as well as offer tailored media and communication training.

Your support for non-profits like Quote This Woman+ enables us to thrive