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S’lindile Khumalo - a QW+ database member - along with the team at ALT Advisory have created an incredible website which monitors countries’ responses to gender-based violence. They can then identify gaps in laws and advocate for change. See more here: https://www.thedailyvox.co.za/new-resource-monitors-countries-responses-to-gender-based-violence/

"QW+, a local organisation working to amplify women’s voices, found that less than 20% of sources quoted in the media are women, showing that the way we understand the issues facing South Africa is also limited by the absence of women’s voices."

A huge shout out & thank you to journalist @jour_maine and the @mailandguardian for the continued support of QW+ experts.

"The MBA classroom is still the firepit where industry leaders are forged, careers launched to new heights, & success nurtured."


The Foreign Press Association, Africa registers its displeasure against media outlets using images of black people alongside stories of the #monkeypox outbreak in North America and the United Kingdom.

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