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Together we can eradicate gender-based violence

Together we can eradicate gender-based violence

By Paula Quinsee November kicks off the global "16 Days of Activism" campaign highlighting the plague of gender-based violence (GBV) against women and children. Whether we want to admit it or not, domestic abuse happens on a daily basis in our homes, our communities...

Meet Gorret Kalekwa, a midwife in Uganda.

She talked to @unwomenafrica about what it's been like to work on the front lines of the #COVID19 pandemic with the added unpaid care work at home. #DayoftheMidwife


4 QW+ experts were quoted on SA's vaccine roll-out, reporting by Sipho Mabena.

Dr @atiyamosam, Dr @ChoonaraShakira, Prof @GlendaMaryDavi2 & Dr @jobarnes_uwe reversed the gender gap on this page.

4 women: 1 man

(And the man was @DrZweliMkhize)


Are you a #volunteer or workforce manager? Keen to learn more about how some of the biggest and most successful events, non-profits and organizations utilize volunteers to engage with their communities?

Listen to The Engaged Volunteer Podcast: https://www.rosterfy.com/the-engaged-volunteer-podcast?vgo_ee=LB5LrRrbI0EOH1ibCaTU%2BhJGa5Gdykc%2FnRByvxGiTB8%3D

The Quote This Woman+ media update: this week we've dedicated half the newsletter to our climate and enviromental experts. Check it out for topics such as after the fire; environmental law; road safety and obstetric violence.

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