An ocean of experts


  by QW+ staff writer

An ocean of experts

We’re a bit late in celebrating #WorldOceansDay2020. But it is never too late to celebrate the voices on our database. May we introduce some of our experts on oceans and related matters?

Victoria Ndinelago Erasmus is a marine scientist who has done extensive research on feeding ecology, reproduction strategies, age and growth, and effects of mercury as a contaminant of deepwater fish species.

Dr Louise Gammage (@LouGammage) is an environmental geographer whose research looks at the interface of natural and social systems. Her interdisciplinary research focuses on marine fisheries in South Africa.

Prof Moenieba Isaacs has done extensive research on small-scale fishery management, governance, coastal livelihoods and poverty with specific reference to South African fishing policy.

Siobhan Johnson is studying a MSc in Chemical engineering at UCT where her research focuses on Antarctic sea ice. Her expertise lies in climate change in polar regions, sea ice and non-industrial imaging techniques.

Kirsty Kyle’s Master’s research looks at an endangered species of frog in the KZN Midlands and she has a vast and varied knowledge of many aspects of conservation – especially amphibians and the ecological niche that they fill.

Dr Charne Lavery co-leads the Oceanic Humanities for the Global South research project, and serves as the South African delegate for Humanities and Social Sciences to the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research

Jackie Raw’s (@SAmangroveSci) research focuses on assessing responses of blue carbon habitats in South Africa to current and predicted threats associated with global climate change. Her primary research is focused on the responses of mangrove habitats to sea-level rise.

Journalists should DM us for access to contact details, and for access to our whole stellar database.

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