Quote This Woman+ receives R100K from Standard Bank


  by QW+ staff writer

Quote This Woman+ receives R100K from Standard Bank

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Gender non-profit Quote This Woman+ (QW+) has received its first corporate contribution of R100 000 from Standard Bank Group in honour of the recent women’s month

Quote This Woman+ is a volunteer-driven Southern African feminist organisation challenging gender stereotypes and bias when it comes to whose voices are heard the most prominently in the news given that currently a woman is interviewed as a news source only once for every four times that a man is.

QW+ founder Kathy Magrobi says:

“We have curated a database of over 500 women+ experts, accessed by over 1000 journalists to use as sources in their articles. This helps newsrooms close the gender gap in who gets heard in their reporting. We actively help experts build confidence in media work and work with them to find authentic voices suited to their stories. We do this by providing media training, one-on-one mentoring and coaching, and by running storytelling events for our community of women where they learn to take to the virtual stage and speak from a place of authenticity to an audience they trust.”

The Quote This Woman+ expert database has been used extensively by South African, African and international media, including Al Jazeera, the New York Times, Bloomberg Africa, The BBC, Quartz Africa, Agence France Presse (AFP), NBC Sky World News, CGTN, Tagesspiegel Berlin, Xinhua News Agency, and The Times of London.

“Kudos to Standard Bank for being the first South African corporate to respond to our drive on ForGood (an online platform that connects passionate people with organisations in need). This donation has come at a critical time when we’re looking to increase the visibility of women+ voices focusing on rebuilding KZN specifically, and Gauteng too, in the light of the protest action,”

says Rudo Chikara, Database Assistant at QW+.

Adds Kathy Magrobi,

“to rebuild inclusively, we need to make sure we hear from all the country’s population – and that means ensuring that the voices of women+ leaders and community members are amplified as much as the voices of men. Currently, women’s voices are being left out of too many of the conversations that are critical to helping us understand a pivotal moment in our history.  The media reflects society and when women are left out of news stories, it becomes easy for other power bases to overlook them too. So disturbingly we see women’s realities being ignored as those with political grapple with the difficult choices we face if we are to do things differently. ”

“We’re really grateful to Standard Bank for their insight in seeing the importance of our work and we hope Standard Bank’s generosity will inspire other corporations to join the cause to have more women+ experts to comment on current affairs in order to ensure balanced narratives and nuanced perspectives in reporting.”

concludes Chikara.

QW+ is accepting contributions and sponsorships to fund costs to keep its organisational work alive. For more information on QW+ or how you can support its social efforts, please visit www.quotethiswoman.org.za or call Kathy Magrobi at 0846888980.

Follow their social media platforms and keep up to date with their work and news.

Twitter: @quotethiswoman

Facebook: Quote This Woman+

Instagram: quote_this_woman

Website: www.quotethiswoman.org.za 

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