Expert Profile: <strong>Phinah Kodisang</strong>


  by QW+ staff writer

Expert Profile: Phinah Kodisang

Phinah Kodisang is the Quote This Woman+ Voices of the Year winner in the Gender Based Violence (GBV) category for the year 2022. Phinah is the Chief Executive Officer and an executive member of the Board of Directors of Soul City Institute NPC. She is an unapologetic Christian feminist and activist, and campaigns for the rights and successes of women in South Africa. Phinah used her platform in faith-based dialogues and interventions to challenge patriarchal structures and systemic inequality that enable GBV and femicide in religious communities. 

She amplifies and addresses the challenges young women and girls face, particularly black women who suffer from what she calls “triple oppression”— being women, black and poor. She is a well known and respected source of information on Gender Based Violence, teenage pregnancy, gender equality and equity – and has amassed a following on social media, mass media and the general public. Her influence has extended to include Health ministers and even President Cyril Ramaphosa; and she campaigned tirelessly until there was public acknowledgement of the framing (and subsequent urgency to address) of teenage statutory rape in South Africa.

Phinah is an avid follower of the news, and she finds innovative ways to advocate for the rights of girls and young women. She has used TV and radio interviews, opinion piece writing, speaking at events and hosting webinars to draw attention to these issues. Phinah was also one of the hosts of the first unapologetically feminist talk show It’s a Feminist Thing that aired on SABC 2 and was commissioned by the Soul City Institute.

Whilst a respected thought leader in her sectors, Phinah always finds the time to prioritise the prevailing narrative of how women’s lived experiences are described and remembered in South Africa. She understands the power of stories and how they cement knowledge and uses her influence to make sure the right stories are amplified.

Education: Kodisang has a Master’s degree in social development from the University of Wales (Swansea). 

Phinah’s quote on the importance for women+ to use their voices:

“For change to happen we need bold leadership that is demonstrated by using the most powerful tool we have, which is our voice. We do not need to be given a voice, we have it already, we just need to use it no matter who is in the room or in the audience.”

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