Expert Profile: <strong>Vusi Vokwana </strong>


  by Jordan Magrobi

Expert Profile: Vusi Vokwana 

Vusi Vokwana is the Quote This Woman+ Voices of the Year winner in the Economics category for the year 2022. Vusi is a businesswoman with a unique insight into the needs and perspective of the Kasi economy. She actively connects “Kasipreneurs” with corporates who would benefit from extending their market reach (while shouldering the financial risk for establishing SMMEs in the community). 

Her motivation is to provide financial freedom and opportunity and restore dignity to Black communities and small business owners; and she does this by upending the narrative of what is and isn’t possible in locations previously overlooked for economic growth.  Her vision is for investors to realise the potential in Kasi markets and to drive economic stimulation outside of suburban malls and geographically distanced hubs. 

By bringing financial ecosystems to the people, she is boosting local investment and improving the value chain for larger corporates – all while reducing everyone’s carbon footprint. 

Education: Vokwana has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Management from Hawaii Pacific University.

Vusi’s quote on the importance for women+ to use their voices:

“Women’s voices are critical in any context because we are generally the do-ers in most societies, our voices capture the ‘How’.”

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