Expert Profile: <strong>Dr Lwando Scott </strong>


  by QW+ staff writer

Expert Profile: Dr Lwando Scott 

Lwando Scott is the Quote This Woman+ Voices of the Year joint winner in the LGBTQI+ category for the year 2022. Lwando is a Next Generation Scholar at the Centre for Humanities Research (CHR) at the University of the Western Cape.  In addition to doing research and publishing on gender and sexuality in post-colonial, post-apartheid South Africa, he is the voice behind the popular blog Queer Consciousness. His effortless interchange between deeply meaningful academic articles and accessible content on his blog has elevated his views on gender, sexuality, and transformation to an audience beyond academia. 

Lwando is currently working on the Transformative Constitutionalism platform at the Centre for Humanities Research, where he, along with others, are thinking about the contestations over the meaning of South Africa’s constitutional transition. He is regularly asked to weigh in on practical diversity issues in transforming different spaces in post-apartheid South Africa. With an acute understanding that gender and sexuality do not exist in a vacuum, he is particularly interested in the ways that gender and sexuality intersect with other social identities and positions such as race, class, and African cultural practices. 

His work seeks to dismantle the often sexist and heteronormative lens that underpins discussions of difference and transformation in post-apartheid South Africa; Lwando’s PhD research on the complex ways that married same-sex couples wrestle with heteronormativity is a great example this. 

Education: Lwando Scott holds a PhD in Sociology from the University of Cape Town (UCT).

Lwando’s quote on the importance for women+ to use their voices:

“Considering the nature of gender inequality in post-apartheid South Africa; considering the levels of gendered violence in our country, those who can speak do not have the luxury of silence.”

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